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Osama Mounir

Osama Mounir the No1 of  Egyptian Radio/TV Celebrity,he was (Born 25th of January), he started his artistic career in the early nineties. Osama is considered number one voice over artist in the Middle East. His famous program is “Ana Wel Nogoom We Hawak stayed the Best talk show for past 10 years. Osama Mounir participated in (El Beit Betak) TV program popular talk show on Egyptian television that featured famous writers, entertainers and politicians. First aired in October 2004 during Ramadan on Channel 1 and was hosted by a different number of presenters. He was the main host of "Kol Leila" program on Nile Life Channel. He presented a lot of shows in Ramadan on Nogoom FM Radio station: 

 1. Negm Al- Nogom

 2. Al- Deif 

 3. Ala- Zemah Al-Hewar

 4. Awl Al- Kalam

 Osama Mounir participated as guest of honor in “Leilet El baby doll” Movie which is considered the biggest cinema production in the history of Arabic movies,based on the story of Abdel Hay Adib,. Osama Mounir presented a TV talk show at NILE LIFE called Kol Lela(every night) Osama Mounir Is the CEO of Osama Mounir group ( ExpressMedia, Express Production, Mahatet Masr Online Radio and OMDigital)


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